"Todellinen yllättäjä - tulee muuttamaan käsityksen suomalaisista marjaviineistä

… suoraviivaisen herkullinen se on."

  - Arto Koskelo, Perjantaipullo, Iltalehti  02.12.2016


Blueberry dessert wine

Strong and rich, with an almost port-like character, Sametti is perfect when you want to sip something warming after a meal or when talking with friends. It can be served with berry desserts, chocolate cake or with creamy cheeses like Camembert.

Winery Process

Sametti starts in the Finnish forests, where wild blueberries (bilberries) ripen in the long summer days of July.  They are then picked at the peak of flavor.  That is saying something; the small wild blueberries are packed with far more flavor than the larger, cultivated blueberries.

But even so, it is not easy to turn them into wine.  Blueberries are a difficult fruit to ferment.  Using a typical “fruit wine” method the wine will often turn out thin and with little flavor. We overcome those issues with a proprietary process that includes the use of different sugars and a method that coaxes the yeast to perform well.

The bulk of the fermentation happens on the berries, extracting tannins, flavonoids and very rich color elements from the skins. It is then pressed off the solids and aged in tanks for six month before being bottled.

Wine details

14% alcohol
Residual sugar 130 g/l
37.5cl blue bottles with glass closure
Deep purple color
Best served at room temperature 18-20°C
Vegan Friendly