Finnviini is now Ainoa Winery!

We are two immigrants who came to came to Finland to make great wine. It may sound hard to believe, but we discovered that some of the best raw ingredients for wines grow in the forests here. And it isn’t just us claiming that. The numerous international awards our wines have been given are proof that from the Finnish forests can come some of the best wines on Earth. The forest is our vineyard!

Thanks to the many awards and an abundance of positive feedback, we are now ready to take the next step, to let our friends around the world taste a bit of Finland. Becoming international will be our new adventure and we mark its beginning with a new name.

Starting today, we are Ainoa Winery. Like our wines, Ainoa (pronounced “ai-no-ə”) is thoroughly Finnish. It has a direct translation into English as “only” or “the one”. It speaks of pureness, uniqueness and exclusivity. It is the root from which the name of the mythical Kalevala character, the beautiful young Aino “the only one” was derived.

We want to thank all of you who have bought our wines and everyone who has believed in us and helped us get where we are today.  Going international we will remain dedicated to uncompromising quality of our wines. We look forward to surprising people around the world with new taste sensations, inspired by the Finnish forests.

Paola & David


David Cohen