Ainoa Sametti awarded Grand Gold at Meininger's International Spirit Competition 2019

06.07.2019 Hollola, Finland

Ainoa Sametti makes history again!…/meiningers-international-spirits…

In 2016 Sametti was the first Finnish wine to win a gold medal in an international competition and is now the first fruit wine from anywhere in the world to win a Grand Gold medal at the Meininger International Spirit Competition in Germany. The Grand Gold is their top award, equivalent to a double gold medal in other competitions. It was given to only 11 products this year out of the 1000 competing, meaning Sametti was judged to be higher quality than 99% of the whiskeys, gins, liquors, cognacs, grappas, bitters, vodkas and other strong alcohols competing, as well as other wine based drinks such as vermouths, meads and fruit wines.

The Meininger’s jury composed of over 60 drink experts in particular noted Sametti’s harmonious balance, complexity, full body and long finish. They also rated it very highly for its aromatic qualities, as well as its refinement and fruit-forward character.

Ainoa Kaamos Winter wine competed as well and was awarded a silver medal.

We also wish to congratulate the other Finnish companies that earned medals at this year's Meininger’s Craft Beer and International Spirits competitions, once again proving that Finnish craft alcohol products are among the best in the world.

About Meininger International
Meininger International of Germany is one of the most respected names in the alcoholic beverage industry, involved in publications, education, conferences, tasting evaluations and other events focused on wine, beer, spirits and other alcohol products. Their tasting events are professionally organized and detailed events where only the top-rated products (maximum 30%) are awarded prizes. Upon inquiring if Ainoa Winery could enter some wines to compete in Meininger’s Mundus Vini competition, we were told no only grape wines could enter, but fruit wines could enter the International Spirits Competition. Fruit wines from around the world had been competing there for years, though none had ever earned a grand gold before this year.

David Cohen